Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholders Issues of Concern Stakeholder Engagement
- Salary and benefits
  • Establish the Remuneration Committee.
  • Focus on professional competency of employees in recruitment.
  • Establish the Employee Welfare Committee.
- Performance evaluation
- Education and training
- Workplace safety
- Internal communication
- Healthcare
- Human rights
  • Determine remuneration based on the overall performance of the company and personal performance.
  • Establish a learning platform (The CDF Financial Academy) for employee development.
  • Maintain a healthy and safe workplace environment
  • Establish a fair and equitable system and open communication channel to protect the rights of employees.
  • Hire registered nurses to ensure employee safety and implement labor safety and hygiene policies.
  • Comply with labor laws and value employment equality.
- Corporate governance
- Business performance
- Compliance
  • Set up the company's organizational structure and department functions based on relevant laws.
  • Establish an independent department of internal audit.
  • Formulate risk management policies and mechanisms.
  • Establish the Audit Committee and Remuneration Committee and convene regular meetings.
- Disclosure of business information
- Protection of investor rights
- High-quality financial products and services
- Client information protection
  • Continually deliver innovative and unique financial products from all subsidiaries.
  • Collect, process, and use client information in accordance with regulations and disclose “Privacy Policy” on the official website.
- Branch offices
- Digital services
- Customer satisfaction
- Customer relations management
- Corporate image
  • Set up branch offices or service stations in major business districts and communities.
  • Provide convenient online banking services, online trading, and mobile app platforms.
  • Frontline staff members should interview clients or conduct customer satisfaction surveys to collect client feedback and ascertain the level of satisfaction.
  • Set up a feedback email address.
  • Engage clients in social service activities to give back to the community.
Open and transparent procurement
  • Formulate Operation Guidelines for Procurement. Bidding and price negotiation are required for procurement to ensure a transparent and fair process.
  • Emphasize fair and green procurement. Purchase low-energy and environmentally-friendly office supplies, multi-function machines, and lighting equipment.
  • During the supplier selection process, CDF requires suppliers to comply with related CSR policy. To ensure suppliers' adherence to labor rights, environmental, and consumer protection laws and regulation, these related CSR clauses have been incorporated into CDF's supplier contract. If CDF's supplier violate any of these CSR clauses and with substantial impact to the environment and society, CDF may terminate or rescind the agreement with the supplier.
  • Contact: Operations Technology Department - Mr.Yeh (Email:
Compliance information disclosure
  • Regularly track and examine the company's systems and operations as per the requirements of the competent financial authority.
  • Establish a well-designed compliance system with routine evaluations to ensure good compliance practice.
  • Regularly disclose information on the Market Observation Post System and the company’s official website.
  • Establish contacts and maintain a healthy relationship with the competent authority.
  • Contact: Compliance Department - Ms. Pan (Email:
Other financial institutions
Fair competition
  • The company has been recognized for its participation in community blood donation campaigns and social service activities.
Giving back
  • The company has been recognized for its participation in community blood donation campaigns and social service activities.
  • Give back to local communities according to various social development needs.
Fair competition
  • Adopt energy-saving and carbon reduction measures.