About KGI Bank

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KGI Bank is engaged in commercial banking businesses, including deposit, lending, credit card, wealth management, consumer banking, corporate banking, treasury marketing and foreign exchange. It strives to provide the best financial services to customers. In recent years, the bank has launched various types of innovative FinTech products and services in response to the digital era. KGI Bank extends traditional banking services to strategic alliances via Open Banking, providing customers with rapid, convenient and world-wide comprehensive banking services.
Since being included in China Development Financial (CDF), KGI Bank has been expanding assets, optimizing its asset mix and maximizing investment gains in the financial market under dynamic risk management and a valuation volatility reduction strategy to boost ROE. Capitalizing on the CDF group’s cross-sector resources, the bank continues to deepen client relationships with various channels to gain business. The bank targets payroll account, securities, mortgage loan, insurance, and mutual fund customers to develop its wealth management business. It strengthens ability to attract NT dollar and foreign-currency deposits to stabilize funding sources. In addition, the bank accelerates the implement of KGI Inside’s innovation strategy to establish partnerships with new platforms and solicit new customers.
Following in Taiwanese companies’ footsteps and in response to government policies, KGI Bank will capitalize on KGI Securities’ business niche and outlet advantages to establish branches overseas, such as in the Greater China area and Southeast Asia. Combining the bank’s consumer banking expertise with its subsidiary’s financial leasing business and local JV partner’s business network, KGI Bank plans to set up a consumer finance company with China’s Bank of Jiangsu, aiming to establish a foundation for developing the consumer banking business in the Greater China region.