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To offer more comprehensive and timely service to our clients, China Life has set up headquarters in Taipei City and has set up branches and deployed sales staff all over Taiwan to offer timely, convenient and considerate services. In 2003, the former Chairman Mr. Wang Ming Yang took over China Life as a professional manager, and he not only relied on existing employees but also introduced new managers to establish a professional team whose core competency was risk management, and led China Life into a new era. In 2020, the Board of Directors of China Life elected Ms. Kuo Yu Ling to succeed Mr. Wang Ming Yang as Chairperson, becoming the first woman in the insurance industry to hold that position. The dedication to sustainable operations and prudent investment strategies has made China Life one of the few listed insurance companies which maintain positive spread for long term. China Life is dedicated to the vision of maximizing benefits and value for the insured, shareholders, employees and society, and becoming the most trustworthy insurance company. We have continued to improve corporate governance and internal controls. The social responsibility committee, which was established in recent years, has invited many board members, including independent directors, to act on many important issues that concern interested parties, in order to fulfill our promise as a socially responsible enterprise. In the future, China Life will hold on to the core spirit of “We Share, We Link”, and manage the Company with forward-looking thinking, strong financial solvency, prudent corporate governance and risk management mechanisms. We will work with interested parties to create shared value, live up to the vision of sustainable operations and become a model enterprise in the insurance industry.
China Life provides a wide range of life insurance products and related services, including individual life insurance, individual injury insurance, group insurance, investment-linked insurance etc., distributed through six main channels (i.e. agents, bancassurance, brokers, financial services, group insurance and e-commerce). Meanwhile, the Company manages funds according to regulatory requirements for investment in securities, real estate, overseas markets, loans, and more.