Principal Investments

CDIB Capital Group (“CCG”) has long worked in close partnership with the Taiwanese government to support the nation's economic growth. It has not only made a significant contribution to the nation's economic and industrial development, but has also played the role as a pioneer among local investment banks. The evolution of Taiwan's industrial structure over time is reflected in the changes in CCG’s equity and credit investment and portfolio. CCG invested in traditional textiles and petrochemicals industries in the 60s and 70s, shifting its focus in the 80s and 90s to foster high-tech industries, such as the electronics and information technology industry, as well as the semiconductor industry. Since 2000, CCG has been actively involved in industries such as optoelectronics, alternative energy, medical and healthcare as well as consumer, media & entertainment, industrial goods and Artificial Intelligence (AI). The investment history of CCG reflects to a great extent the development of Taiwan’s industrial and economic fabric.

CDIB Capital Group's Investment History

Taiwan’s Industrial Development
Artificial Intelligence /Consumer/Cultural & Creative
Communication & Alternative Energy
Semiconductor. & Optoelectronics
Electronics & Information Technology

Extensive experience in principal investments with extensive business network and human resources

Through its 60 years of principal investing, CCG has developed a wealth of direct investment experience, managerial capabilities and active post-investment involvement, as well as an extensive network. CCG fully leverages these resources to nurture its portfolio investments, aiming to support investee companies and grow their enterprise value by providing value-added support in vital areas such daily operations, financial management, business development, strategic alliances and key corporate objectives such as initial public offerings and M&A.

Globalized Investment Sourcing Network

Since 2006, CCG has expanded its network across Asia and the United States. In addition to diversifying the geographical and asset class exposure, CCG also partners with world-class private equity firms, sharing investment deal flow, as well as market and industry knowledge. With offices in Taipei, Hong Kong, Shanghai, and New York, CCG is one of the few mid-market and lower mid-market private investment platforms with a global footprint.

Globalized Investment Sourcing Network

Diversified Exit Strategies for Profit Realization

CCG has realized portfolio investments across Asia and the Americas through a broad range of exit strategies, including initial public offerings, strategic trade sales, and mergers & acquisitions.