Management Associate Program

Shawn Hsu(2019 MA)
KGI MA (Bank Global Markets Division)
  • Master of Finance, Tsinghua University, Beijing
  • Double Specialty Program of Management and Technology, National Tsing Hua University, Hsinchu
China Development Financial is comprised of four major and synergistic operating subsidiaries: KGI Bank, KGI Securities, China Life, and CDIB Capital Group. At the beginning of the MA program, you will systematically understand these four subsidiaries and their business units.

KGI Bank's MA program arranges a mentor to give every MA who has just graduated a lot of support for business understanding. The Treasury Marketing Department of Global Markets, the business unit I participate in, is responsible for the sales of financial products to meet the hedging and investment needs of customers. Facing financially treacherous times, I have gained a better understanding of global financial market fluctuations and have been given a chance to get involved.

If you are enthusiastic, ambitious and willing to take on new challenges, you are welcome to join CDF and choose KGI Bank.
Captain Chang (2019 MA)
KGI Bank MA (Retail Banking Group)
The CDF MA program began with a series of specially designed training courses, during which senior managers spent time sharing business insights, strategies, industry analytics, and career aspirations. After the training, MAs in retail banking got the chance to rotate to the frontline, middle and back offices. I was able to experience roles as a teller, greeter, financial consultant, and a representative on the service hotline. We had to learn to react quickly in order to contribute. This was a fantastic experience that allowed us to better understand the products, processes, customer interactions, and pain points.

KGI Bank is well known as a rapidly growing enterprise when it comes to fintech and innovation. Senior members of the retail banking segement are open to new ideas and welcome input from younger generations. Monthly, business heads personally devote half a day for MA presentations, during which they challenge, share, comment, and ask us to think big and structure our proposals logically Moreover, we're assigned projects every month, not only for casual practice, but in order to prepare for launch. In the past six months, more than five projects went live, including a new branch opening video, innovative features for mobile banking upgrade, and a joint promotion with Taiwan Star Telecom. We feel a great sense of achievement when we see our projects implemented. If you are young and full of passion and innovative ideas, join us.
Johnny Lee(2019 MA)
KGI Securities MA
  • Washington University, St. Louis, Master of Finance – Corporate Finance & Investments
  • University of California, Irvine, Bachelor of Economics
KGI Securities is a great place for young graduates to start a career because it provides a chance for incoming Management Associates to rotate through different departments.

I decided to join the Financial Advisory team in the Investment Banking Group because I knew that KGI is the best M&A house in terms of domestic deals, and I had been thinking about starting my career in investment banking since I was in school. KGI has some advantages that other banks lack. We cooperate with CDIB Capital Group frequently to get deals that other banks can’t. Recently, KGI has not only performed well in the domestic market, but has also executed more cross-border deals from the US and Japan. With our new leadership team in place, KGI is striving to become Asia’s top regional investment bank.

KGI’s MA program is flexible and structured based on each individual’s background. Though it’s only a one-year program, it’s challenging and rewarding. The best candidate is often the one that isn’t afraid of a steep learning curve.
Steven Chang(2019 MA)
KGI Securities MA
  • National Taiwan University, Master of Financial Engineering
  • National Taiwan University, Taipei, Bachelor of Business Administration
After joining the MA program, department heads spoke with us to make sure that we understood the direction of the department, observed our performance, and set goals for our time with the organization. We gained a better understanding of what we could contribute to the department. During our one-year rotation, the HR manager kept in touch with department heads to make sure MAs worked in departments that most closely matched their field of study. MAs greatly improved networking across departments and learned a lot about workflow throughout the organization.

The financial industry is rapidly expanding its use of big data and trading algorithms. Therefore, if you have passion for trading securities or futures, or if you have strong programming skills, you can contribute your knowledge and strength in the front office, such as the equity derivatives or fixed income department.

KGI Securities is a leading player in the domestic financial industry, and provides plenty of resources and support for the career paths of MAs. Joining the KGI Securities MA program is the best way for you to grow and thrive in the industry.
Hao-Wei Ching
China Life MA
  • National Chiao Tung Univeristy, Master in Finance
  • National Chung Cheng Univeristy, Bachelor of Business Administration
The highly valued MA program

Join us. With direct guidance from the general manager and senior executives, you will learn professional expertise and a different way of thinking. MAs will be given the freedom to put their solid ideas into action. MAs will be tasked with producing results, such as uncovering, analyzing, and solving problems. You will be a part of a workflow including thousands of people.

The most comprehensive MA Program

The life insurance industry is facing tremendous changes, including the implementation of new accounting policies, the digitization of services, and the transformation of social structures. By joining the China Life MA program, you will receive comprehensive training and witness historic changes as part of our team. You will take part in everything from product development and channel sales to after-sales services, in addition to rotation throughout various departments. Being able to participate in core cross-sectoral projects is a rare opportunity to gain a practical understanding of the life insurance industry in the shortest amount of time. The MA program is a fantastic way to launch your career.
Tim Chou(2018 MA)
China Life MA
  • National Taiwan University Master of Business Administration in Finance
  • National Chengchi University Bachelor of Science in Risk Management & Insurance
Insurance is a complicated but fascinating industry. China Life offers a complete MA program and invites you to join this fantastic journey.

With the MA rotation plan, you will intern in marketing planning, insurance channels, the customer service department and more. Through the professional training courses, MAs have the chance to experience the operations of insurance investment, actuarial and risk management departments.

China Life provides the mentor system of senior executives. Mentors not only share their professional skills, but also their work experience. In addition, China Life will assign MA tons of special projects from time to time, which make the entire training process full of challenges and lets each MA grow rapidly.

Due to the change in the life insurance industry, China Life focuses on the cultivation of talent and digital transformation. We invite new blood from different backgrounds who are eager for challenges. Join China Life and transform with us.
Pearl Kou(2018 MA)
Manager, Corporate Banking, KGI Bank
  • National Taiwan University, Master of Business Administration in Finance
  • Soochow University, Bachelor of Business Administration
To be part of the CDF management associate program, you can have a deeper understanding of different fields in the financial industry, such as banks, securities, private equity/venture capital, and life insurance. KGI Bank, with the root of China Development Industrial Bank, is a good starting point for people who want to have a career in corporate banking. The corporate credit division is a great place for a fresh graduate to gain financial analytics skills. You can not only apply financial knowledge in practice but also directly interact with corporate clients.
Johnny Liu(2018 MA)
2018 KGI Securities MA
  • MS Finance, Johns Hopkins University
  • BA Economics, Minnesota University
The MA program of KGI Securities provides the opportunity for recent graduates to enjoy a customized rotation plan that will be most beneficial for candidates. Besides the projects and daily duties at different departments, candidates are able to learn about the cooperation among departments and acquire the vision needed to become a manager in the future.

The most special part of the MA program is the intense cross-subsidiaries training at the beginning of the program. The training gives candidates a platform to exchange ideas and share views with other MAs from different subsidiaries including life insurance, bank private equity/venture capital. This training is a great way to explore different business areas and expand personal networks.

In the current rapidly changing financial industry, the KGI Securities MA Program presents a platform for those who are passionate, love to learn new things and are willing to take on the new challenges we face in the financial industry these days.
Susan Hsieh(2017 MA)
CHINA LIFE Domestic Fixed Income Dept. /Specialist
  • National Taiwan University Master of Economics
  • National Tsing Hua University Bachelor of Quantitative Finance
The main feature of our MA program is offering you the opportunity to rotate different departments with no limitation to your interests. To me, without any life insurance background, this program helps me get the knowledge of the life insurance company and how it works within a short period of time. The rotating department spans all the core fields of the life insurance industry, from the which allows me to observe and think differently and review issues with a comprehensive perspective. During the interview of MA training period, I could tell that China Life sets MA program as its first priority and offers MA all the resources and learning opportunities. Besides the interaction with senior executives during the rotating period, China Life also arranges the mentor-mentee system. Thus, we have more chances to ask for advices and discuss with senior executives and they always give us useful suggestions and feedbacks at the same time.

There are a variety of trainings and tasks in the MA program. Growth always comes with depression and pressures, but through these processes, you will accumulate lots of abilities and set your own position and value.
Sean Kao(2017 MA)
China Life Digital Application Development Dept. /SPECIALIST
  • National Chiao Tung University Institute of Business & Management
  • National Chengchi University Bachelor of Mathematical Sciences
If you want broaden your horizon, embrace various challenges and metamorphose into a professional entrepreneur with cross-field abilities, China Life’s MA program is your best choice.

The experiences of senior executives help me see the forest and see the trees.

The rotation period is like traveling in a forest. I learned lots of details and gained professional skills and experience while interning in a specific function, and therefore, I see the forest and also the trees.

However, China Life’s MA program provides me many opportunities to communicate with senior executives, and my discussions with them always expand my perspectives.

No matter your background, China Life’s MA program will make you a specialist in the life insurance industry.
Molly Tang(2017 MA)
Manager, Finance, KGI Bank
  • National Cheng Kung University, Statistics
  • National Taiwan University Institute of Industrial Engineering
It is a great opportunity for newcomers who want to work in the financial industry to start from in KGI Bank. During the one-year training period for management associates, a series of lessons and projects were provided. It's so lucky for me to attend a series of conferences and project meetings.
You-He Siao(2017 MA)
Manager, CDIB Capital Innovation Accelerator Co., Ltd.
  • M.B.A, Technology Management, National Tsing Hua University
  • Finance and Cooperative Management, National Taipei University
Generally speaking, venture capital/private equity firms rarely have job openings for young ,inexperienced graduates.

Fortunately, in addition to being the biggest and oldest VC in Taiwan, CDIB Capital Group is the only venture capital institution that recruits fresh graduates every year. In this job, there are many opportunities to approach many corporate founders and join board of directors meetings. Thanks to the solid training, you will not only cultivate financial and industrial analysis skills, but recognize lots of entrepreneurs full of dreams. Therefore, if you have a passion for VC, you definitely can't miss this MA program.
Anderson Hsia(2016 MA)
Manager, CDIB Capital Growth Partners
  • Master of Material Science and Engineering, National Taiwan University
  • Bachelor of Chemical Engineering, National Taiwan University
Joining CDIB Capital Management was a critical turning point in my career.

Thanks to the organization’s initiative to recruit talent from varied backgrounds, I was given the opportunity to leverage my investing expertise.

CDIB Financial Holding is a leading financial institution, and has been investing in companies with growth potential across various industries in Asia.

Visiting companies, together with senior colleagues discussing the future development plans of CDIB with executives, and helping to structure an investment deal not only cultivated my core research and analysis skills, but also increased my knowledge of the latest global market trends.
Ti-Ti Chang(2015 MA)
Manager, CDIB Capital Growth Partners
  • Global MBA, National Taiwan University
  • Bachelor of Finance, McGill University, Canada
What kind of job could offer new graduates the following opportunities:
- Site visits to companies in Taiwan and overseas to broaden horizons and look for and participate in growth opportunities in different industries.
- Visiting CEOs, CFOs, and other high-level executives to learn from their life stories.
- Participating in product launches and investment matchmaking events to build valuable personal networks.
- Achieving growth in a friendly and positive environment.

If you are thirsty for knowledge, responsibility and logical progressing and hope to become a driver of industrial and economic growth, you are welcome to join the Venture Capital Department of CDIB Capital Group!
Sylvia Lo(2014 MA)
Senior Assistant Manager, Investment Banking, KGI Securities
  • M.S. Finance, National Taiwan University
  • B.A. Finance, National Taiwan University
For recent graduates, KGI Securities provides a wonderful learning platform. CDF training courses help graduates quickly get the whole picture of organizational structure and career prospects, while rotation between departments at KGI Securities provides a deep understanding of operations within capital markets, from the front desk to the back desk. Moreover, during the MA program, graduates can build their personal networks, which is beneficial to future career growth.

Leveraging KGI Securities' rich investment banking experience and CDF’s group resources, we provide full financial services for global corporations in a wide range of industries. If you are interested in capital markets and enjoy developing innovative solutions to challenges, KGI Securities is the best stage for you to display your talents.