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Unlimited opportunities at CDF

The main subsidiaries of CDF are China Life, KGI Bank, KGI Securities and CDIB Capital Group. Since inception, CDF has always been at the forefront of Taiwan’s economic development. We have continued to hire and foster world-class financial talent. At present, we have over 290 business outlets worldwide with more than 12,000 employees. In the Greater China region, our number of corporate customers exceeds 1,000. Joining CDF will bring you boundless opportunities.

  • business outlets worldwide

    business outlets worldwide

  • Employees


  • corporate customers in Greater China

    corporate customers in Greater China


Working at CDF

We offer employees fair and competitive compensation programs, such as performance bonuses, dividends, and employee stock ownership plans.

  • Labor insurance, health insurance, and group insurance
  • Annual leave
  • Annual health check-up
  • Marriage and childbirth grants
  • Employee cafeteria
  • Employee benefits: company trip once a year, annual bonus and summer & autumn grants, birthday gift coupon, special discounts at cooperating shops and stores…

People are our most important asset and key to the pursuit of excellence. In order to enhance expertise of our staff, CDF continues to offer professional training courses, covering domestic and foreign new investment knowledge and financial regulations so that employees’ professional abilities are linked to the international financial market to provide customers with global financial services and to maximize value for customers as well as shareholders.

We arrange various courses for employees that fit their work requirements and future development. Via teaching by external lecturers and employee sharing, our staff obtains new and comprehensive financial knowledge and expertise, and conduct businesses in conformity with laws and regulations. Employees can select online courses through the internal learning platform based on work needs to enhance their knowledge anytime.


We believe that employees' honesty and integrity are fundamental to the company's success and growth.


Talent is the key to industry competitiveness. To improve the company's performance, we have established a performance-driven management system, in attracting, encouraging, and retaining outstanding professionals.

Social Welfare

Operating on the creed, “Take from society/Give back to society”, we shoulder social responsibility and care for the weak. With us leading the charge, it is our hope that more people will share love and warmth across the world.