Stewardship Principles


China Life: Regularly publishes a "Report on the Votes at Shareholders' Meetings of Investee Companies". At least 50% of firms managing private equity funds in which China Life Insurance invests every year are signatories to the PRI.

CDIB Capital Group: In 2019, the Group attended 57 investees' shareholders meetings in person (including
electronic voting) and four investees' shareholders meetings by proxy, and was absent at one investee shareholders meeting for some unavoidable reasons.

KGI Bank: Of the investee companies, including seven TWSE/TPEx-listed ones, two were selected as constituents of the Dow Jones Sustainability Index 2019, of which five were public companies. KGI Bank voted on 63 proposals. Since none of the proposals was exceptional or would seriously affect the operations of the invested companies, KGI Bank voted for all proposals.

KGI Securities: In 2019, KGI Securities attended 399 investee shareholders' meetings and voted for 2,569 out of 2,667 proposals (96.30%); the objection and abstention rate were 0.30%. For stable operation of the issuers, KGI Securities had opposed the proposals of minor shareholders to change the articles of incorporation and voted out the incumbent independent directors. KGI Securities abstained from voting on the management rights of the issuers to stay neutral or in the election of directors and supervisors as it was unable to evaluate the candidates through the nomination system.

KGI Securities Investment Trust: In 2019, KGI Securities Investment Trust attended 73 investee shareholders' meetings (including extraordinary shareholders' meetings) and voted for a total of 927 motions (including the election of directors and supervisors). The attendance rate in person and the voter turnout rate were 100% each, and hence there was no need for attendance by proxy. As the operations of the invested companies were stable and as the motions in the investee shareholders' meetings attended in 2019 dealt with the distribution of earnings or amendments to internal regulations according to law caused no material damage to the sustainable development of the invested companies or the interests of the investors, KGI Securities Investment Trust voted in favor of all the motions.