Green Finance


Long-term Policy

While pursuing the development of the enterprise, CDF also hopes to fulfill its social responsibilities, adhere to the concept of sustainable development and continue to pay attention to climate change and environmental protection issues. We actively promote green finance via green credit and green underwriting products, in the hope that we can do our bit to accelerate the transformation and sustainable development of Taiwan's green energy industry.

Performance and Goal

Subsidiary Action plan Performance 2020 Goal
China Life Implement responsible investment
  • Evaluated the ESG performance of investment targets and included ESG criteria in stock analysis reports
  • Attended all shareholders' meetings of TWSE/TPEx-listed investee companies and gave candid feedback on proposals as per relevant laws and regulations
  • Attend one ESG investment forum to support the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI)
  • Continue evaluating the ESG performance of investment targets regularly, including ESG criteria in all stock analysis reports as an important evaluation criteria for investment decisions
  • Attend 95% of shareholders’ meetings of investee companies as per statutory requirements to fulfill the responsibility of fund application and management.
CDIB Capital Group
Promote investments in green industry
Principal investments
  • Achieved balance in investments in green industry of approximately NT$1.2 billion, accounting for approximately 16% of total investment balance
Maintain the percentage of investments in green industry (medium-term goal (2020–2021)) at least at 15%
  • Nurture businesses in smart technology or environmental innovations
  • Aging population product
  • Support the development of cultural & creative activities
Our funds
  • CDIB Capital Growth Partners closed at NT$4.54 billion
  • CDIB Capital Healthcare Ventures and CDIB Yida Healthcare Private Equity Enterprise closed at NT$1.75 billion and RMB0.76 billion, respectively
  • CDIB Capital Creative Industries closed at NT$1.5 billion
  • CDIB Capital Innovation Accelerator funding scale reached NT$ 1.29 billon
    • Continue nurturing businesses in smart technology or environmental innovations
    • Continue identifying investment targets with growth potential in medical healthcare field
    • Continue supporting creative startups
    KGI Bank Green project finance Participated in six green power financing projects in 2019, with an estimated reduction of carbon emissions of 17,980,000 tons per year Continue financing green projects, such as solar power plant and offshore wind power projects
    Increase the component of green energy loans Balance of green energy loans in 2019: NT$20.4 billion Maintain compounded annual growth rate of green project finance at 8%~10% for the next three years