Company Profile

China Development Financial (CDF) was established in 2001. Major subsidiaries include China Life, KGI Bank, KGI Securities, and CDIB Capital Group. The group is dedicated to increasing shareholder returns as well as respecting environmental, social and governance (ESG) policies, all while positioning itself as a leading regional financial institution with a comprehensive presence throughout Asia (and beyond).

China Life – Your Trustworthy Risk Management Expert

China Life has a dedicated vision of maximizing benefits and value for the insured, shareholders, employees and society, as well as becoming the most trustworthy life insurer. China Life places a premium on the rights of the insured, develops a variety of products to meet clients’ demands, offers customized and courteous service, applies state-of-the-art FinTech, and promotes micro-insurance policies to serve economically disadvantaged citizens. China Life has always been pragmatic, professional, and reliable. Not only has China Life consistently improved corporate governance and internal controls, but it has also played a crucial role in promoting social stability in order to fulfill its social responsibilities. In the future, China Life will continue embracing its core spirit of ‘We Share, We Link’ and operate the company with forward-looking thinking, strong financial solvency, prudent corporate governance and risk management mechanisms. China Life works with all its constituents to create shared values, lives up to the goal of business sustainability, and aspires to become a model enterprise in the life insurance sector.

KGI Bank-Offering a Full Range of Quality Commercial Banking Services

KGI Bank's operations include deposits/lending, credit cards, wealth management, consumer banking, corporate banking, global markets, and foreign exchange transactions. KGI Bank has actively launched a variety of innovative products and services to keep pace with the digital era in recent years, providing swift services from traditional windows to internet- and mobile device-enabled platforms all at our customers’ fingertips. KGI Bank will continue to differentiate and diversify its financial services to earn the support and trust of its customers, aiming to become a top bank through an unwavering commitment to innovation.

KGI Securities-Market Leadership in Underwriting Business & International Presence

KGI Securities is a market leader in a broad range of areas, including brokerage, wealth management, proprietary trading, underwriting, fixed income and a variety of derivatives products. Not only is KGI Securities the leading brokerage house in Taiwan, it is also ranked number one in the underwriting market. In addition to Taiwan, KGI Securities has a presence in Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, and Indonesia. Being one of the first Taiwanese securities firms to expand abroad enables KGI Securities to benefit from this regional network. Going forward, investment banking, offshore securities units (OSU), and potential joint ventures in mainland China will be new business opportunities for KGI Securities to capitalize on and accelerate growth as it aspires to become the leading investment bank in the Asia-Pacific region.

CDIB Capital Group-Focusing on of Private Equity & Venture Capital Asset Management

CDIB Capital Group, formerly China Development Industrial Bank, was the first private development-oriented financial institution in Taiwan. It has long worked in close partnership with the government to play a pivotal role in supporting Taiwan's industrial development and economic growth through pioneering the local venture capital and investment banking markets. Today, CDIB Capital Group remains the predominant leader in the venture capital business in Taiwan. Backed by a wealth of experience supporting Taiwan's industrial development, CDIB Capital Group has been proactively engaged in the administration’s call for a structural upgrade in the financial sector by focusing on raising and managing private equity funds in recent years. At the same time, it has introduced a series of private equity funds outside of Taiwan and continues to grow its third party asset management business in private equity and venture capital. Looking forward, CDIB Capital Group looks forward to upholding its status as one of the best private equity/venture capital asset management companies in the Asia-Pacific region.