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Combining business and corporate development

Establish public trust to provide friendly financial services
As an avid supporter of charity organizations through offering its expertise in financial services, KGI Bank has served as a trustee bank overseeing multiple social and charitable causes, beginning with the Spinal Cord Injury Foundation at end-2015, and followed by the Ama-Museum Women’s Charitable Trust, the Firefly Social Trust, the Dentway Dental Group Higher Education Fund, and the Dai Ying-Xiang Non-Life Insurance Education Fund in 2016. In 2017, JumpStart Social Trust was founded. The backing of the trust enables charity groups to focus on advancing help where needed, while the trustee bank executes public donations to charity campaigns in accordance with the trust agreement. In affirming its supportive stance for charities, KGI Bank will continue to bring convenience with its provision of financial services, and it aims to help ease the burden of charity organizations in managing financial affairs.
KGI Bank as trustee of the first revolving-fund charitable trust in Taiwan
In late 2015, the Executive Yuan urged the private sector to establish the country’s first revolving-fund charitable trust. Under a charitable trust, a revolving fund offers small amounts of funds to charitable organizations during the early stages. Being the trustee of the first revolving-fund charitable trust in Taiwan, KGI Bank highlights its pioneering position in providing well-rounded financial services and support for charitable causes.
Charity Merchandise as Birthday Gifts for Employees to support charity organizations and social enterprises
For years, KGI Bank has prepared gifts for employee birthdays sourced from charitable organizations, to support good causes. These include the Fushan Farm and its organic food products, which help the region’s aboriginal youth to access higher education; dessert gift boxes from Kanner Foundation to raise awareness about autism issues such as the schooling, hiring and career planning of autistic children and adults; hand-made soaps and towel dolls produced by members of the Faith Hope & Love Center for Children and Adults with Disabilities. In 2017, KGI Bank purchased hand-made pastries from St. Raphael Opportunity Center, supporting slow-learner children. Moreover, KGI Bank has included the local social enterprise ‘ökogreen’ and its fair-trade-certified farming products in its catalogue of recommended merchandise for Chinese New Year gifts, to show support for sustainability.
Donation platform
KGI Bank cooperated with twenty domestic charity organizations to launch a donation platform on its website, allowing them to have exposure with zero cost on the website. It provides a safe, fast and convenient platform for the Bank’s customers to donate money by using credit cards and cash cards to help those in need.