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Proprietary Trading

The proprietary trading business of KGI
Securities consists of transactions
involving marketable securities on the
stock market and OTC for capital gains.
Securities traded include those in
high-tech, finance, and traditional
manufacturing. KGI Securities'
proprietary trading team has
accumulated a wealth of experience
in industry research and equity
trading. With a solid knowledge
base of market fundamental and
technical analysis, our traders
stay on top of industry trends.
With the support of our research
team, the proprietary trading team
utilizes division of labor and
collaboration to achieve profit
Following the internationalization and diversification of Taiwan's securities and futures markets, restrictions have also been relaxed, resulting in an environment favorable to the proprietary trading business. Whether or not a firm can profit from this environment depends on whether it has a cross-border, cross-market trading platform. In 2013, following the merger between KGI Securities and Grand Cathay Securities Corporation (GCSC), the firms have integrated their securities and futures departments' trading staff and systems to build a more efficient and more secure trading platform, greatly improving competitiveness.