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Organization Chart


Representing the CDF group.
President & CEO
Overseeing and managing CDF's overall operations.
Secretariat, Board of Directors
Performing secretarial duties for the Board of Directors at CDF group and handling
shareholding-related matters.
Internal Audit Dept.
Implementing audit system for CDF group and to ensure proper internal controls.
Legal Dept.
Legal counsel for CDF group for litigation, advice, legal documents reviewing.
Compliance Dept.
Overseeing the formulation, administration, and implementation of all requirements
in compliance with applicable laws and regulations.
Corporate Strategy
and Planning Dept.
Performing overall strategic planning, organizational structure, and investor relations for
CDF group.
Finance Dept.
Overseeing overall financial management, funding, operational performance as well as
accounting functions for CDF group.
Risk Management
Managing the credit, market, liquidity, and operational risks for CDF group.
Human Resource
Overseeing full functions of human resources and employee relations for CDF group.
and Technology Dept.
Overseeing operations, technology and general affairs functions for CDF group.
Research Dept.
Research department is responsible for conducting corporate credit investigation,industry research, and macroeconomic analysis.
FinTech & New Financial Services Dept.
Managing strategic development of digital banking, big data analytics and FinTech investment.
Research Dept.
Managing the development of IT Strategy, the information security policy as well as the coordination of information management.