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Whistleblowing Channel
Reporting E-mail:whistle@cdibh.com
Reporting Telephone:02-6600-3282;Fax:02-6600-3281
P.O. Box Address:P.O. Box 17, Taipei Xisong, Taipei City 10599, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Responsible Unit:China Development Financial Holding, Compliance Department
Whistle-blowers shall provide the following information:Their real name, contact information, explanation of the situation, and supporting documents.
The Company shall keep the whistle-blowers’ identity and relevant documents confidential, encrypted, and properly stored with restricted access.
If the whistle-blower is an employee of the Company or an employee of one of the Company’s subsidiaries, the Company shall provide appropriate protective measures to ensure that the whistle-blower would not receive any improper treatment due to the reporting.