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Responsible Investment

Incorporating ESG issues into investment analysis and decision-making
Sustainable development is a global mission of utmost urgency. Through the appropriate use of capital cannot only exert influence on the companies being invested in but also fulfill our corporate social responsibility and create a sustainable environment. During the assessment of direct, co-investments or potential private equity fund investments, we not only look at the creation of shareholder equity but also strive to fulfill our Group’s social responsibility as part of the capital supply chain. The performance of the potential investment target in the environmental, social and corporate governance aspects, or the potential investment target for private equity fund’s compliance with the “Stewardship Principles for Institutional Investors” are taken into consideration during investment assessment.
In addition, the Group’s investments also steer clear of cases involving disputed or sensitive issues such as genetic modification, munitions, and animal experimentation.

Signing of Stewardship Principles
The Group understands the tremendous influence exerted on the market and invested companies when large sums of capital are gathered and put to use by institutional investors. We must therefore act in the long-term interests of the capital provider (include customers, beneficiaries or the shareholders of the institutional investor itself) during investments or exercising fiduciary duties. Apart from taking an interest in the activities of investees, we also engage in corporate governance by attending shareholders’ meetings, exercising voting rights, as well as conducting appropriate dialogue and interactions with the management of invested companies to monitor performance and the impact and of environmental and social aspects. To keep abreast of international corporate sustainability trends and improve our corporate governance, the Company’s subsidiaries CDIB Capital Group and KGI SITE have both signed the “Stewardship Principles for Institutional Investors” to follow the six principles of: establish and disclose stewardship policies, stablish and disclose policies on managing conflicts of interest, regularly monitor investee companies, maintain an appropriate dialogue and interaction with investee companies, establish clear voting policies and disclose voting results and periodically disclose to clients or beneficiaries about status of fulfilment of stewardship responsibilities.
In 2016, the Venture Capital Department of CDIB Capital Group took part in approximately 208 shareholders’ meetings and 224 Board of Directors meetings at various investees. Exchanges and communication was conducted in terms of corporate governance, development direction, as well as the impact and performance of environmental and social issues.
CDIB Capital Group is long engaged in venture capital, private equity and asset management. It is committed to nurturing nascent, up-and-coming industries. In this regard, CDIB does not only provide medium- and long-term financing to clients but also enhance its cooperation with clients through its extensive network that spans almost every industry in Taiwan. As end of 2017, there are 247 portfolio companies with outstanding investment period of 5 years and 9 months.