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Service Experience

More Convenient Products and Services - with human touch
In response to the rise of financial technology, the traditional financial industry is gradually changing its operating model. That is, the full use of financial technology to eliminate distance and time constraints. CDF is no exception, and our hope is that the use of technology will make financial services more convenient and will significantly increase the availability of services to serve wider demographics. KGI Bank and KGI Securities are committed to offering “in-your-shoes and better services”. The design and optimization of products and services are based on “customer needs” and aim to fulfill goals as “knowing customer needs, achieving their financial goals, and lifecycle services.” KGI Bank and KGI Securities provide a diversity of online and offline services through its professional financial planning team and advanced digital finance technologies.

More Innovative Digital Products and Services – FinTech & Big data
CDF is committed to the optimization of digital financial services, integrating the resources and services of the whole group, promoting innovative products, and hoping to provide investors with a faster, convenient and safe financial environment. KGI Bank and KGI Securities have continued to improve the numerous features of online account-opening, trading platforms, and mobile e-commerce, so that our clients can connect to foreign financial markets and wealth management related products and enjoy the convenience of trading various asset classes across various time zones. This should allow our clients to manage their assets in a more efficient fashion.

More Aggressive Social Media Marketing Management
We attach great importance to the interaction with clients and hope to further understand the needs and preferences of the general public and clients through the social media’s immediate, two-way interactive features. Therefore, both KGI Bank and KGI Securities have launched Facebook Fan Pages and Line’s Official Account. Through social media exposure to young generations of the internet, we hope to expand communication channels with clients at all levels of society, and to endow young people the correct concept of and approach to wealth management.

More Popularized Financial Education Seminars
To improve the general public's understanding of financial markets and products and implement our community service operations, we have organized various financial and investment seminars across Taiwan to provide the latest market updates and investment trends. Through interaction with clients, we hope to satisfy investors’ needs for investment services.

More Attentive Barrier-free Financial Services
CDF strives to provide more attentive services and engages with the local community by hosting various activities. Moreover, we also focus on service details, by improving the accessibility of our physical branches and virtual channels to ensure the disabled to enjoy accessible, equal and convenient financial services.