Welcome to China Development Financial-Subsidiary-China Development Asset Management Corp.

China Development Asset Management Corp.

Date Established September 11,2001
Address 7F,125,Sec.5,Nanjing East Rd., Taipei City10504,Taiwan (R.O.C)
Telephone 886-2-2756-8968
E-mail amcservice@cdibh.com
Main Business Lines
  • Assessment, acquisition, and management of financial institution debts
  • Acquisition of accounts receivable and overdue accounts receivable management services
  • Leasing and real estate leasing
  • Management and investment consulting
  • Urban renewal, public works construction and investment, landscape and interior design
  • Residential, commercial, and industrial property development, sales, and leasing
  • Specialized field construction and development, new county and community construction and investment

    China Development Asset Management Corp., a subsidiary of China Development Financial, was established in September 11, 2001. Domestic financial reforms in Taiwan resulted in massive amounts of non-performing assets and this expert team was established to look for potential NPL disposal opportunities and also assist financial institutions transform debts into assets that can attract both local and overseas investors.
    Since its establishment, China Development Asset Management has continued to tender offers for investment in financial institution debt, with equal focus on private deals and open tenders. In addition, the company purchases non-performing syndicated loans.
    In order to prepare for the ever increasing competition in the finance industry, China Development Asset Management will actively work to transform underperforming assets into those bringing in stable returns. The company will take advantage of a variety of existing properties by packaging those already leased and providing stable income into investment products, while renovating the others for lease or sale. Both options result in attractive investment targets. From the non-performing loans purchased, we can determine which have recoverable real estate with development potential and future economic benefits. After review and planning by China Development Asset Management, the company will seek to sell the property or locate partners with whom we can develop the property.