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Recruiting Process

Application Criteria
A Master's Degree (Candidates with diverse backgrounds in finance and technology, orbusiness and biomedical are welcome to apply.) High writng and oral fluency in Mandarin Chinese and English. Great career ambitions and willingness to rise up to challenges.
A Master's Degree (or above) obtained in Taiwan or overseas. New graduates or those with less than two years of work experience are also welcome. A global mindset. Proficiency in Mandarin Chinese and English in terms of listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Personality traits such as motivation, innovativeness, team spirits, and leadership would be a plus.
A Master's Degree obtained in Taiwan or overseas in areas such as business, finance, and banking. Particularly suited for candidates who aspire to work in the securities industry. Stress-resistance. Communication, coordination, and analytical skills. High written and oral fluency in Mandarin Chinese and English. A global mindset. Innovativeness and willingness to rise up to challenges in the pursuit of excellence.
Life Insurance-MA
A Master's Degree obtained in Taiwan or overseas. High writing and oral fluency in Mandarin Chinese and English. High level of self-expectation with strong motivation for achievement and able to work under pressure. A team-player with ability to collaborate with others. Strong logical thinking and innovative mind-set. Willing to accept tailor-made rotation plans.
Application Documents
Standardized CV form for the 2018 CDF Management Associate Program (Download) . Those who apply for the Securities MA position may submit another CV in their desired format. TOEIC or other English proficiency certificates.
How to Apply
Applicants should send their CV and other relevant documents to the email address below using the title “Management Associate Program”.
Apply for
Application deadline: April 20th (Fri.), 2018

Application Timeline and Screening Stages

  • Late Feb. to Late Apr.: Document Review
  • Late Mar. to Mid May.: Screening Tests
  • Late Mar. to Late Apr.—Preliminary Exam: Applicants who pass the document review will be notified and participate in the preliminary exam, which includes interviews and professional tests. The interviews will be moderated by both executives from front-line business units and representatives from the HR department.
  • Late Apr. to Mid May.—Final: In this round, applicants who pass the preliminary will be interviewed by senior executives of the company.
  • Late May. to Early Jun.: Final Selection Announcement.
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