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Corporate Social Responsibility Committee

The Organizational Structure and Operation of the CSR Committee

1. To actively participate in public affairs, achieve sustainable and balanced development of the economy, society, and environment, and to realize its corporate social responsibilities, CDF has established the Organizational Charter of the Committee of Corporate Social Responsibility (the CSR Committee) and set up the committee under the Board of Directors.
2. CDF's CSR Committee consists of members:
I. Chairperson of the committee: Served by the Chairperson of the Board.
II.Others: President of CDF, President of CDF's wholly-owned subsidiaries, CDF's independent directors, non-executive directors of CDF's wholly-owned banking/brokerage/private equity & venture capital investment subsidiaries, and others whose eligibility are approved by the board.
3. The CSR Committee shall convene at least twice a year, or anytime when needed.
4. Based on various task attributes, five working teams are set up under the CSR Committee—the Team of Corporate Governance, Social Philanthropy, Environmental Protection, Customer Relations, and Employee Well-being. The committee shall have one Executive Secretary and several other secretaries. The Executive Secretary shall act in accordance with the Chairperson's instructions, assist the Chairperson in managing the CSR Committee, and serve as the coordinator between different units and track the implementation of committee resolutions. Other secretaries shall assist the Executive Secretary in managing committee affairs and other tasks assigned by the Executive Secretary.
Scope of function
1. Outlining CDF's annual CSR plans and strategic direction;
2. Designing CSR programs and activities;
3. Tracking and reviewing the efficacy of annual CSR plans, strategic direction, programs, and activities;
4. Approving and finalizing the CSR Report; and
5. Passing resolutions regarding CSR- and public affairs-related tasks assigned by the Board of Directors. The CSR Committee shall report annually to the Board of Directors regarding the implementation of annual CSR initiatives.