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Confidentiality Statment

China Development Financial Holding Corporation and its Subsidiaries
Client Data Protection and Confidentiality Statement

China Development Financial Holding Corporation and its subsidiaries (hereinafter as the “Group”) have always put much emphasis on safeguarding the clients’ data. For the purpose of providing diversified and comprehensive financial products and services, the Group has stipulated and announced on its official websites the “Client Data Protection and Confidentiality Statement” in compliance with the “Financial Holding Company Act-”, “Regulations Governing The Cross-selling by and among Subsidiaries of Financial Holding Company”, ”Self-Disciplinary of Financial Holding Company and its Subsidiaries,” “Personal Data Protection Law” and other related statutes and regulations. The Group hereby declares that it will follow the principles as described below to protect the rights and interests of the Group’s clients while collecting, processing and using the client’s data.

1. Collection of Clients’ Data
The Group may obtain, use and maintain clients’ data because the clients have been the existing customers of the Group, or have ever used or accepted the Group’s services provided through the Group’s staff, telephone calls, fax, mail, internet or other ways that may obtain client’s data legally and publicly by the Group.

2. Storage and Maintenance Methods of Clients’ Data
The Group will strictly conform with the principle of safety and confidentiality to safeguard the clients’ data. In addition to the safety controlling equipments and mechanism, the Group also sets up a backup storage in another place so as to maintain the clients’ data in a safe and sound condition and continuously provides the clients with good services in the event of emergency or disasters.

3. Safety and Protection Methods of Clients’ Data
After obtaining the clients’ data, the Group will file and store them in the database in accordance with the relevant operation standards. The access and use of the database shall be managed by a designated person pursuant to its authority and function of business, and the firewalls have been set up to prevent the invasion of external messages and to control the transmission of internal messages in order to protect the clients’ data from any unauthorized or illegal acquisition or any destruction.

4. Classification, Scope and Items for Usage of Clients’ Data
The clients’ data means the clients’ basic information, accounting information, credit information, investment information, insurance information and etc. The Group shall comply with the rules and regulations prescribed by the competent authority, the relevant industry associations or any other organizations which have authority to govern the Group’s business activities in respect of using and disclosing of clients’ data while cross-selling is conducted by the Group.

5. Purpose of using Clients’ Data
The Group may use and disclose the clients’ data only for the purpose of engaging in cross-selling permitted by other related statutes and regulations in order to provide comprehensive and diversified financial products and services to clients. The Group shall conscientiously and carefully manage the clients’ data to be well protected.

6.Parties of Disclosure of Clients’ Data
The clients’ data will be used and disclosed in compliance with the “Financial Holding Company Act”, “Regulations Governing The Cross-selling by and among Subsidiaries of Financial Holding Company”,”Self-Disciplinary of Financial Holding Company and its Subsidiaries” and “Personal Data Protection Law” by the Group for the purpose of conducting cross-selling. Except for parties commissioned by the Group to collect, use and process the clients’ data under the authority of and on behalf of the Group, the clients’ data will not be disclosed to any other third party.

7. Methods for Change and Update of Clients’ Data
The Group will maintain the completeness and accuracy of clients’ data. If the clients’ data requires updates, the clients may apply to amend the data by contacting the business locations of the Group directly or through the Group’s staff or customer service.

8. Termination of using Clients’ Data
The clients may give notice to the Group at any time whenever the clients are unwilling to receive any information regarding the financial services or marketing advertisements of the Group. The Group will no longer send any relevant messages or materials to the clients and will stop using the clients’ data after a reasonable operating period from the date of such notice.

The modifications of the “Client Data Protection and Confidentiality Statement”, if any, will be announced on the Group’s websites or via means deemed public by the competent authority. If there is any amendment regarding the 7th or 8th principles of the above, the Group subsidiaries will further notify you in writing or email in addition to the public announcement.

The subsidiaries of China Development Financial Holding Corporation involving in using the clients’ data and telephone are listed as follows:

KGI Bank tel: 02-80239088 / 0800255777
KGI Securities Co. Ltd. tel: 02-23890088 / 0800085005
China Life Insurance Co., Ltd. tel: 0800098889
KGI Futures Co. Ltd. tel: 02-23619889
KGI Securities Investment Advisory Co. Ltd. tel: 02-21818000
KGI Securities Investment Trust Co. Ltd. tel: 02-21815678
KGI Insurance Brokers Co. Ltd. tel: 02-21818888
Global Securities Finance Corporation tel: 02-23779696
CDC Finance & Leasing Corporation tel: 02-27513771